Welcome to Another Concept Store

The store is structured as a living magazine where the visitor is constantly making editorial choices in fashion, music, lifestyle, fitness and health. The space is truly unique as for the first time it combines all of these elements into one luxurious yet inviting open space.

Our Aim

The team behind A N O T H E R wants to create a contemporary community and offer you avant-garde products, within one connected space. The idea behind Another is to harbor a new concept and make retail exciting again.


A N O T H E R hairdresser that will get you glammed up like you never thought possible!

By: George & Mia Mendelek

Phone ☎ +961 3031717

Having all these components under one roof seems pretty far-fetched right?


It is A N O T H E R Concept Store.

Not Like Any Other Gym

To give you that body that will match your style!

The PostoNove studio offers Pilates classes that are out of this stratosphere!

Phone ☎ +961 71007170

Our Store


Zero 4, Antelias, Lebanon

Allenby Street, Downtown Of Beirut.

Phone: 009611985129

Email: Info@stitch.com